Meet Your Therapist

Melinda Simon, Psy.D. Owner

Melinda Simon, Psy.D. Owner , ext 111

a licensed psychologist and licensed clinical social worker, has worked as a psychotherapist for over 25 years. Dr. Simon is a member of the American Psychological Association, Michigan Psychological Association, National Association of Social Workers, and the National Register of Health Service Providers in Psychology. Dr. Simon works with individuals, couples, and families. Using a mix of interpersonal, cognitive/behavioral, and eclectic approaches she provides experienced, thoughtful, and ethical care, encouraging a collaborative environment for problem solving with her clients. Specialties include the treatment of anxiety, panic, post traumatic stress, and issues of grief and loss. She also has an extensive history working with adults, adolescents and children with behavioral challenges, social adjustment issues, obsessive thoughts and compulsive behavior, phobias, depression and adjusting to life changing events such as divorce, relocation, or job loss.

Joanne Giordano, LMSW
Joanne Giordano, LMSW, ext 104

has over 25 years of experience providing therapy with a license as a Master Clinical Social Worker. She provides a compassionate, supportive, safe and nurturing environment to work on issues that are important and meaningful to clients. She believes a trusting therapeutic relationship is essential to the collaborative process. She works caringly with adults, adolescents, and children providing individual, couples and family therapy. She works with those experiencing anxiety, depression, grief/loss issues, post-traumatic stress, adjustments to college, relationship/communication issues, work changes, chronic illness, parent/child relationship issues, marital or divorce issues, and life transitions. She has extensive experience in working with those who have been a victim of sexual abuse, trauma, and domestic violence. In working with younger children she utilizes play therapy techniques. She also works with adoptive/foster families and is trained in attachments disorders. She has facilitated the SMILE Program working with families going through a divorce and has worked on a court contract providing therapy to families of divorce. She has been a clinical director to an agency working with sexual abuse and domestic violence. She has been a practicum instructor and clinical supervisor for master level social work students from Michigan State University and Grand Valley State University. She has experience as a school social worker providing services to elementary through high school students in their school settings to enhance social, behavioral and academic learning. She works from an eclectic therapeutic approach utilizing psychodynamic theory, cognitive/behavioral therapy, family theory, couples/marital techniques, person-centered, strength base, trauma therapy, mindfulness, and play therapy techniques. Therapy techniques are utilized that best meet client needs/goals and help to make the client comfortable.

Jennifer Harper, LMSW

Jennifer Harper, LMSW Ext # 107

has over 20 years of experience as a Licensed Master of Social Work. She obtained her bachelor's degree from Adrian College and her master’s at Wayne State University. She is a member of the National Association of Social Workers. Jennifer has worked extensively in the school setting as well as private practice. She is pursuing certification in trauma from MSU. Jennifer enjoys working with children, adolescents, families, and adults. Her areas of specialty include anxiety, depression, family of origin issues, trauma, and childhood dysregulation difficulties. She uses several types of therapy in her practice including cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), elements of play therapy, and strength-based therapy. When Jennifer isn’t working, she enjoys spending time with her husband, 2 children, and dog, Jake. She loves to camp, play games, spend time with friends and family, and complete home improvement projects.

Barbara Thornes, LMSW, ACSW

Barbara Thornes, LMSW, ACSW, ext 101

is a Licensed Masters Clinical Social Worker with over twenty-five years of experience in the field of social work. She is a member of the National Association of Social Workers and holds credentialing in the Academy of Certified Social Workers. She has experience as an outpatient mental health therapist in both community mental health and private practice settings. She has also worked in the field of adoption and child welfare, working with issues of abuse, neglect, and delinquency. Barbara draws upon different approaches to therapy depending on the client’s individual goals and needs. She believes in the importance of helping clients develop an integrated sense of self and awareness of personal strengths, empowering them to find peace and purpose in their lives. Barbara works with people of all ages, including couples and families.

Richard Thornes, Ph.D.

Richard Thornes, Ph.D., ext 102

is a licensed psychologist with 30 years experience in private practice settings, 7 years experience in a community mental health counseling center, and 5 years experience as a counselor and assistant professor of psychology at the University of Missouri-Rolla. He has also taught at Lansing Community College for 10 years, teaching Introduction to Psychology, The Psychology of Death: Preparation for Life, and in the Fall of 2009, is introducing Introduction to Positive Psychology, a new course for the College. He is a member of The American Psychotherapy Association, and The International Positive Psychology Association, and has a Certificate of Professional Qualification in Psychology (Association of State and Provincial Psychology Boards). Dr. Thornes utilizes an eclectic approach in psychotherapy, as he draws upon differing approaches and his extensive experience to provide a practical problem-solving approach within a therapeutic relationship. Dr. Thornes provides psychotherapeutic services for individuals, couples, and families, working primarily with relationship issues, stress-reduction, anger management, anxiety, panic and phobic disorders, depression, and issues in grief and loss.

 Brian Wissink, LPC, Managing Partner

Brian Wissink, LPC, Managing Partner, ext 105

is a licensed professional counselor with over 25 years of experience providing mental health services in Michigan. Licensed in the State of Michigan to provide psychotherapy since 1990, he brings a wealth of experience to our practice. Brian takes a Rogerian approach to his work, meeting people where they are with genuineness, acceptance and empathy. His approach also relies on psychoeducation, motivational interviewing, and cognitive-behavioral interventions. He works with adults and adolescents, couples and families on a broad range of issues, including anxiety, depression, identity issues and skills training. Brian’s caring, attentive style naturally provides an emotionally safe atmosphere in which the individual, couple, or family with whom he is working may actively explore a path toward healing and an enhanced quality of life.

Danielle Thornes, LLMSW

Danielle Thornes, LLMSW, ext 126,

is a graduate of Michigan State University with a Masters in Social Work and also has a B.A. in Psychology from Central Michigan University. She is a member of the National Association of Social Workers. Danielle is a person-centered therapist, incorporating various interventions, including Cognitive Behavioral, Dialectical Behavioral, and Acceptance Commitment Therapies. Danielle encourages clients to incorporate physical, spiritual and/or mindfulness practices to aid personal growth. She is an EMDR trained clinician, utilizing this intervention to help clients reprocess trauma and unhelpful thought patterns. Her areas of special interest include anxiety, depression, identity, substance abuse and trauma. Danielle works with adults and adolescents.

 Nora Golper, LPC

Nora Golper, LPC, ext 118,

has more than 24 years' experience in the field of mental health. She takes a holistic approach to healing, and uses a range of therapeutic modalities depending on each individual client's needs, including ACT, CBT, and DBT informed therapies. She has worked with couples, adolescents, as well as individuals dealing with a history of trauma, personality disorders, grief, depression, and anxiety. She works to create a trusting and safe rapport with her clients, believing that a strong therapeutic relationship is the cornerstone of the collaborative healing process.

Shirley Neal, MA, LPC

Shirley Neal, MA, LPC ext. 110,

provides counseling for individuals, couples, and adolescents (ages 13 +) through utilizing several evidence-based approaches: person-centered therapy, cognitive-behavioral therapy, family systems approach, attachment-based approach, and mindfulness. Depending on the situation, a range of techniques and coping strategies are utilized to help with improvement.

Shirley works closely with you to find solutions and new ways of responding to and coping with personal issues and situations. She also can help you deal with symptoms of depression and anxiety that often accompany handling difficult situations. Additionally, she emphasizes redefining yourself and your relationships with others; she helps you discover life purpose, meaning, and hope; and with her help, you will look for ways to promote personal growth and strengths. If you are facing a challenging situation or are ready to move in a new direction, she looks forward to meeting with you.

Currently in her private practice, she works with clients on issues such as mood disorders (e.g., major depressive disorder, bipolar disorder), generalized and social anxiety disorder, panic attacks, low self-esteem, body dysmorphic disorder, women’s issues, chronic pain, communication issues, divorce, family issues, relationship and intimacy issues, gender and sexuality issues, career issues, assertiveness, and emotional trauma from physical and sexual abuse.

She graduated from Michigan State University with a master’s degree in counseling psychology in 1987. In 2009-2010, she returned to the MSU Counseling Program to update her counseling skills and experience and to receive licensing endorsement from the Counseling Program so that she could practice counseling as a therapist. She has been in private practice since May, 2011.

Chelsea Foreman, LLMSW

Chelsea Foreman, LLMSW, Ext 117,

is a recent graduate of Michigan State University School of Social Work and also has a Bachelors Degree in Human Services from Baker College. Chelsea is a limited licensed social worker with an extensive background in hospice/medical social work as well as grief and loss. Other specialties include work with teens, young adults, children of alcoholics, life transitions, self-esteem, depression, and anxiety. Chelsea works with individuals from diverse racial, ethnic, and cultural backgrounds as well. She most often utilizes a person centered strengths based approach when working with individuals, couples, families, and groups. She strongly believes that each and every individual is the expert in their own lives. Therefore, Chelsea works diligently to create a safe, nonjudgmental, trusting environment for a successful and collaborative therapeutic relationship to develop. She is also very familiar with local resources and alternative forms of therapy to help aid you in the therapeutic process outside of the office setting. Chelsea has a true passion for helping others and this is well reflected in her work.

 Abigail Grill, LLMSW

Abigail Grill, LLMSW, ext 108

has received her Master's Degree in social work from MSU after having worked as a massage therapist for nearly a decade. She has a very intuitive therapy style and believes that many aspects of a client's life and environment need to be addressed in order to determine the best way to help them reach their goals. Abigail hopes to create a non judgmental, empathic space where clients may see their challenges from a new perspective and gain insight. Though every client is unique, she often uses a holistic, mindful approach to help her clients make peace with their own thoughts. Her areas of expertise include working with issues around death and dying, anxiety, depression, and domestic violence.

Theresa Abed LMSW, ACSW

Theresa Abed LMSW, ACSW, ext 114

is a Licensed Master Social Worker. Theresa has worked in the public schools as a school social worker where she implemented an anti-bullying program and worked not only with those impacted
by bullying but on school climate as a whole and empowering the bystander.

She worked with the general and special education population.
In addition to working in the schools,Theresa worked as a clinician at St. Vincent Catholic Charities Counseling Center; Michigan State University as a field liaison and was active in the community as a County Commissioner and State Representative.
Theresa works with children, adolescents, adults and families. She focuses on a wide range of issues including anxiety, depression, grief, low self-esteem, relationship issues, trauma, negative self-talk, and life transitions.
Erica Windler Beattie, LLMSW

Erica Windler Beattie, LLMSW, ext. 109.

Erica enjoys working with clients of all ages and backgrounds. She seeks to provide a safe and compassionate space where clients can explore life’s challenges while learning about their own resilience and strengths. Erica approaches therapy from a cultural-relational perspective, utilizing eclectic elements of interpersonal and psychodynamic theory as well as cognitive behavioral therapy. Erica works with clients experiencing issues including: depression, anxiety, grief, trauma, and relationship struggles. She trained at the MSU Center for Survivors, providing support to survivors of sexual assault and relationship violence. Erica is trained in Cognitive Processing Therapy as a treatment for post-traumatic stress disorder. Before becoming a therapist, Erica spent years studying and working in Mexico and Brazil. She speaks both Spanish and Portuguese.

When she is not working or traveling, she enjoys hanging out with her husband and son, knitting, cooking, reading mystery novels and playing with her two pugs (Tubi and Max).

Leslie Bartlett, MA, LLP

Leslie Bartlett, MA, LLP, ext 119

is a Limited License Psychologist that has worked in the Human Services field for over 15 years. She works with adolescents and adults providing counseling and psychological testing to individuals, couples and families in a variety of life situations including being involved with the child welfare and criminal justice systems. Leslie feels the therapeutic relationship is most important and meets each person where they are. Working with her clients to meet the goals they have established and strengthen their coping skills. She uses a variety of approaches and techniques to obtain the best results for each individual.

Tami Fradette, LLPC

Tami Fradette, LLPC Ext # 103

is a graduate of Spring Arbor University with a Masters in Counseling.

Tami sees people as relational beings with physical, spiritual, emotional, and social components, and that the exploration and integration of these aspects can be life-changing and enhancing. She is passionate about helping individuals return to wholeness, meet their goals, and achieve the quality of life they seek. She employs an eclectic approach, encompassing a holistic framework with cognitive- behavioral aspects and strength-based therapy. Tami is passionate about helping individuals return to wholeness, meet their goals, and achieve the quality of life they seek. Tami sees her role as a collaborative facilitator of change. She seeks to join with clients in a respectful way that acknowledges their wisdom through a practical, supportive, and empathetic connection. Tami recognizes the unique challenges of each individual and system and seeks to integrate emotions, thoughts, and actions to enable fuller, happier lives.

Tami works with adults and children. Her areas of interest include anxiety, depression, grief, trauma, and life transitions.

Jacqui Hicks, LLPC

Jacqui Hicks, LLPC Ext # 113

Most people seek support when problems have become unbearable. They feel alone and stuck and powerless to do anything about it. They come in expecting I will listen unbiasedly and offer guidance that brings resolve to their current issue. I provide support and guidance so that my clients do not have to bear their struggles alone. We work collaboratively to understand what is not working and why. We examine past patterns of experience to help us to understand current feelings and behaviors. By addressing the underlying issues that are creating problems, we can create lasting change and transformation. I place strong emphasis on self-care and mindfulness.

My therapeutic approach is holistic in nature as it encompasses a full body aspect. Looking at your mental, physical, emotional and spiritual state. This approach opens allows healing to transpire and root issues to be explored. I seek to empower my clients to find their voice and inner strength that may have been squelched by past abuse and trauma. I have experience with many mental health issues, and I am deeply passionate about helping my clients become emotionally and relationally whole whether it be individually, maritally or in their families. My approach is to adjust the therapy to fit the client rather than making the client fit the therapy.

I work primarily with adults and teens who are experiencing depression, anxiety, panic attacks, grief, self-injury, low self-esteem, relationship issues, psychosis, and life transitions. I particularly enjoy helping teens and young adults tackle their difficulties so they can develop into confident and self-reliant individuals.